Create your own media
with real-time stories
about your own interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is frasb?

frasb is a moblogging platform in which users can create their own media with stories about their interests and share them with the world. Users are allotted a comfortable 500 characters for each story so they have space to think and write without a word limit constricting their creativity/thoughts. frasb has plans to become the worldÕs largest user-generated media archive with a promise to let your voice be heard everywhere.

2. What is the purpose of frasb?

Everyone, everywhere can develop their own interactive communities and inspire and engage one another by publishing their stories on frasb. You can easily create and publish your own media and free up your voice in a very noisy social mediasphere.

3. Can everyone use frasb?

Absolutely! frasb is simple and easy-to-use.

4. What is the difference between frasb and other social media platforms? Why should I use frasb?

frasb is a platform where everyone gets the spotlight. Users can publish their ideas, and in turn, have the opportunity to truly inspire and engage others around the world. By providing your own personal insight on topics/categories, you can compile your own media, written by you, about anything of your choosing.

5. What kind of posts should I make on frasb?

Posts can be up to 500 characters, written by you, about anything of your interest. You can supplement your post with hashtags, a photo and your location. We want users to create stories based on their experiences, perspective and knowledge.

6. What constitutes as a story on frasb?

When writing a story, it should be originate from current events, information, your experience, your knowledge and/or your perspectives. It should be able to answer ÔyesÕ to at least one of the following questions: Is it new? Is it unusual? Is it interesting or significant? Is it about people?

7. What is the point of sharing my stories on frasb?

Everyone has the potential to inspire, everyone is capable of writing great things and everyone's voice needs to be heard. frasb helps you develop and bolster the wonderful habit of writing. frasb also gives you the necessary spotlight and platform to publish your thoughts, engage people and in turn, have the opportunity to make a difference.

8. Who can see my posts?

Your followers are able to see the posts you share. You may also make your profile private by turning the privacy switch on in settings only allowing the followers you approve to view your posts.

9. Is it free to use frasb?

Yes, of course. frasb is free for everyone to use.

10. Who uses frasb ?

Everyone who wants to write and publish their own media, ideas, thoughts and commentary. Particularly people who are passionate about writing about what they believe in and in turn, have thoughts and ideas they wish to share with the world, given the opportunity to actually do so.

11. Can I share my frasb posts on other social media platforms?

Yes of course, link your Twitter account to frasb and share your frasb posts with your Twitter followers as well!

12. If I experience technical problems on frasb or I want to give feedback, who do I contact?

We'd love to hear from you and improve your experience on frasb. Click here and we will get right on it!